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New Supersnow-Bachler line of snow lances

Supersnow S.A. has joined forces with Bachler Top Track AG to enrich the company’s offer with the highest quality snow lances, said Rafał Topolski CEO.

The CEO also added that the works are being done together with Bachler Top Track AG specialists to design innovative solutions and economical methods of optimizing the energy balance . He added that the signed arrangement would be exclusive.

The new line of snow lances combines Supersnow high technical and quality standards  and many years of experience in lance design which is provided by Bachler Top Track AG. Thanks to this  snowmaking systems supplemented by snow lances guarantee incomparable snowmaking performance. 

In recent years not only qualitative requirements have increased significantly but also requirements for creating economic and environmentally friendly technical solutions in snowmaking systems. To meet these expectations Supersnow S.A. and Bächler TOP TRUCK AG Swiss snow lance manufacturer have created  a line of product : Supersnow’s lance powered by Bachler. These products are combining 15 years of experience in snowmaking technology and Swiss precision.

The innovative line of eight types of snow lances is characterized by a high reduction of energy costs and noise emission. Thanks to close cooperation the new Supersnow snow lances achieve better snowing performance  in terms of snow quality and efficiency. In addition, the products are designed in sustainable way, which means that they protect the environment and, thanks to reduced  consumption of compressed air they reduce the energy costs.

Majority of the models are made in four basic heights: 5 / 7 / 8,5 / 10 m. Each model has a 360⁰ rotation angle and can be operated with angle of inclination of 45….80⁰.

As a result of the solutions developed by the cooperation of Supersnow and Bachler Top Track AG the energy costs of lance operation can be reduced by up to 100%! Among the eight models presented by Supersnow is the NESSy ZeroE V1/V3, which achieves very good results in terms of energy cost optimization.  The new Supersnow line of snow lances powered by Bachler components will reduce noise emission by up to 80% and reduce CO2 emissions to 66%.

We are already looking forward to your visit to our booth no. B053 at INTERALPIN 2017, where you can find out more information about the latest line of Supersnow snow lances.

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  • A "lance" is the European term for low-E tower guns, like HKDs, SMI Vikings, SnoLogics, etc.
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