Epicski Dead all content to be lost

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For real.....

You got till the end of the week 4-28-2017 if you've got content that belongs to you to offload or threads you want to read again


  • bobbuttsbobbutts advanced
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    wow that's dumb, 2000 users online at once in april right now and they are letting it die because of some problem with one hosting provider.
  • rickbolgerrickbolger expert
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    Interesting, thanks for the heads-up.   I've heard of it, but never spent any time there or really used the site.   

     Anybody care to provide a sentence or two on what that community is all about?  Who is being cast adrift?  

  • JimKJimK advanced
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    Pretty much every ski photo I've ever posted on the web in last 15 years is hosted at that site.  I'm scrambling to save older ones I don't otherwise have copies of.  My recent photo posts here will disappear Friday.

    EpicSki is like SJ except it has a nationwide reach with many thousands more participants.  Tough part about this, not much notice of ending.
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    EpicSki has 18 years of posting hard to sum up easily.

    West coast centric tho many Euro, Anzacs and Canadiens posted over the years...pretty loyal group of eastern skiers too.

    Va, MD, PA well represented.

    Heavy PSIA influence which lead to real nasty (tho entertaining) dogfights with the PMTS Harb crowd until any use of any reference to that system was banned with the ban heavily enforced to this day.

    Some of the trip reports including a couple running now from India Kashmir region are just spectacular.

    You only have a couple days to browse....wish I had time to be a tour guide but I'm off and running now.

  • RubyGirlRubyGirl novice
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    Vail Resorts bought it a few years ago for the name. The former moderators, started http://forum.pugski.com/.
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    What a shame. :(
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    closure postponed until May 12.
  • mapnutmapnut expert
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    We're lucky Snowjournal came back to life; much thanks to the unidentified host!
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    mapnut said:

    We're lucky Snowjournal came back to life; much thanks to the unidentified host!

    Yep huge
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