Snow Journal 2.0 Lifts Photo

Way back when we were discussing this unique lift system someone may have posted this view. But here's our current logo photo back in the day at Lac-Beauport, Quebec. 



  • Here's the line at La Relais ski area in 2012. Note the quad's unique towers. Below is part of a article.

    Le Relais to Replace Three
    Lifts with a Six-Pack

    January 22, 2016Peter

    always find this time of year exciting as ski resorts announce new
    lifts projects, many of which catch me by surprise.  This week we learned
    Le Relais Ski Centre, located just outside Quebec City,  will
    replace three lifts
     with a Doppelmayr six-pack capable of
    moving a huge 3,600 skiers an hour. Two T-bars (a 1960s Mueller and 1987 Doppelmayr) as well as a fixed-grip quad (1987 Doppelmayr) will be removed.

  • nice history and update , thanks for posting  :)]

  • We all should have a moment of silence for the passing of that Mueller. :((

    Anyhow, if you look carefully Le Relais filled in the ravine with the two bridges when they installed that Doppelmeyer comba quad chair/t-bar lift full of fun back in 1987. Of course that meant the sad death of the lattice tower Mueller double, the pomalift, and the Samson t-bar.

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