Jay Peak Tram Repairs

The 2 min. video is impressive. With the growth of 3S
systems, trams may be a dying breed. They certainly have low pph capacity.
Nearly $5 mill. is a big expense to give new life to the tram. What’s your
guess for what a 3S lift would cost in the same location?



By Andrew, on Wed, May
03, 2017

As we head into the heart
of spring and shift our focus to summer, our Lift Operations won't be
slowing down anytime soon. With the arrival of its new parts in April and the
seasoned guidance of Doppelmayr-Garaventa, we've been
busy giving the tram some major ugrades. From the cabins to the loading
dock to the towers and saddles, these changes will give new life to the lift
that has taken us to the top and back so many times before. Stay tuned for
a weekly window and close-up look of our progess.




  • Sorry, but what is a 3S system?
  • Super cool video!
  • so 3 S id for "3 Seil" (cable)? Looks like a central haul rope and 2 ropes on which the cabin rolls? Sorry- lift newbie so I don't know all the nomenclature....but is a pretty cool lift system...
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    Yes a 3S gondola is like the traditional tram: 2 track cables and 1 haul cable. Except it's like a gondola so the cabins detach and slow for loading and unloading.

    It would be insanely expensive (though the towers are in place so you might reuse them, but you'd need a minimum of 2 new towers one at the base terminal and one at the return terminal).  You need massive terminal buildings.  3S gondola cabins are relatively huge things (like 28 people each) and take a long distance to slow for unloading and to speed up again.  Whistler's are 140 feet long. Compare that to the Flyer's terminals which are 50 feet long.  And the pph output would cripple the two narrow routes off the top of Jay.  The $5M is far cheaper than a new 3S.

    For reference, the Peak2Peak Gondola was $51M in 2008 Canadian money. It's capacity id 2050 pph per direction while the Tram at Jay is 732 pph.

    Although the Jay Tram about half the length of the Peak2Peak Gondola, the vertical is a lot more (2050 vs 119+sag) and you'd need to demolish portions of both the lower and upper lodges to make room for a 3S.  With inflation, it'd be probably $38M+. And that's before you consider the impacts on Vermonter and Northway and the needed improvements to them *if* you can get the widening approved.
  • Good points about a 3S replacing the Jay tram. I was simply
    talking about trams vs. 3S in general. For their low capacity, trams require
    much infrastructure. One can see it and the base of Jay’s or Cannon’s trams. I’m
    sure the many cabins and long terminals make the 3S significantly more costly. While trams rarely go on wind hold, they are
    big bucks for their low  capacity.

  • Jay doesn't have the trail system off the top to handle more capacity, IMO. Keep the way it is.
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