Crotched Mountain 2017-2018

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As the last 2016-17 patch of snow melts away, it's time to start the thread for next season.

So let's start with the cast of SJ characters who are season pass regulars at CM (list is alphabetical):

Who did I miss?


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    me!   Becca_M


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    becca_m said:

    me!   Becca_M


    For some reason, I thought we lost you to Ragged! I edited you in above,
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    I have next season's Peaks Pass, and only live 30 miles from Crotched, so I'll certainly be there a bunch next season. Boyne pass refugee.  
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    WELLLLL, I have a midweek CM/peak pass (I try to get there 1 nite/week & snow days  :)  

    Weekends I'm at Cannon &/or  Ragged   :)      ...mostly

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    Not so regular, but made it 4x to CM in 16/17 with my Peak Pass.
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    There is a little bonus at Crotched with the Peak Passes, the Black Out days on the less expensive passes (Ranger & Traveler) do not apply at Crotched. Why? many Crotched regulars go to bigger resorts (Mt. Snow, Attitash, Wildcat & Hunter) for holidays like Xmas, MLK and the like leaving Crotched way less crowded than normal. See the pass you have for details.

    Maybe we can have an ad hoc NELSAP vertical challenge one of those days?

    This year they also threw the weekday passes open for weekends the last several weeks of the season, crowds had thinned so why not let everyone enjoy the rest of the season.
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    Last year they also had a Saturday (not sure what month) they threw open to weekday pass holders.   End of season weekends at Wildcat was terrific (for midweek passholders).  
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    Today the crew was out replacing the railing around the deck on the ATC (Alpine Training Center), new one looks nice. Maybe they will get a Beer/Wine license for that area next year, it would be a great umbrella bar.

    Don't get excited yet, but a little snow fell on upper Crotched earlier in the week. Rain at the bottom. No ski tracks spotted.
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