Update on new Lost Ski Area Book

Hi all,

A short update on the book:

I keep discovering new ski areas. You'd think that after almost 20 years of NELSAP, 50000 emails from readers, digging into every publication, that we would have found them all. Not the case! I have found another dozen lost areas in Western Mass, most brief rope tows, but a few with rather interesting histories.

With so many newly discovered areas, the book will likely cover a smaller geographic region - namely just the Berkshires (just Berkshire County). That's still almost 3 dozen areas. There's just too much good history there to dilute - The three Brodies, Eastover, Beartown, G Bar S, Greylock Glen, Farnhams, Jacob's Ladder are the biggest. The original title would have had nearly 80 areas in it! For a 50000 word book, that's not much detail.

But don't fret - there would be another follow up book on the Pioneer Valley after this one, which would cover Chickley Alp, Mohawk, Mt. Tom, Berkshire Snow Basin, etc.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview the former owner of one of the lost rope tow areas -that he built in 1958! It is a rare chance indeed to interview an owner of an area from 1958.

Greylock Glen is far more fascinating than I imagined - what a story - and perhaps the best one to explore in the Berkshires.

Book to be submitted in December, and published by Summer 2018.

Let me know if you have questions, happy to talk about the book.



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    Three Brodies?!?

    Can't wait.
  • Yup - three Brodies! And none really used the other's trail. The owner of the original was quite a character!
  • I've been finding more old ski areas in NJ too. I might have to do another edition as well.
  • I cannot wait for the book. Growing up, I could see the lights from Grand at Bousquets from my front door and on a cloudy night the lights from Jiminy and Brodie reflecting on the clouds from my bedroom.
  • JD,

    Exciting news about your discoveries!  The influence of snow trains on the origins and early years of Berkshire skiing was certainly substantial.  

    Jacob's Ladder is a new one on me.

    Since some of the areas (e.g., Beartown, Greylock Glen) are on public property, will you be offering some details on how to find and explore them?

    Let me know if you would like me to re-photograph my patches to include only Berkshire County patches.

    And my wife and I will have to make sure to get up to the Berkshires when you give a talk about the book there.


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