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    And they've started clearing it.
    Extra vert too
    It also shows the magic carpet install over the J bar and lodge improvements to add an adaptive ski room
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    I will miss that lift. Although the runs off the lift weren't challenging, there was often times no one was up there. The t-bar will probably keep even more skiers off the top
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    Do we have a T-bar construction race in New England! Burk, Whaleback and late comers Saddleback and Waterville are in the game. Sunday River (and Gould) have handed in their cards and plan to build next year.
    The video on ropeways (same as WV site) says the High Country double is under going regular pre-season prep. Hum??
    Here's my guess on order of finish:
    1. Burke
    2. Whaleback
    3. Saddleback
    4. Waterville

    ropeways.net | Home | 2017-10-10


    Waterville Valley, NH — Waterville Valley Resort received approval from the USDA Forest Service to begin construction of the new High Country T-Bar Lift, proposed in May. While the ski season is just around the corner, the achievement of this significant milestone has spurred construction to begin immediately.

    “So much happens behind the scenes before a project finally breaks ground so it is incredible what has been accomplished in just a few months through the collaborative efforts of the USDA Forest Service, SE Group, Horizons Engineering, Inc., LST Lifts, and our team,” says Tim Smith, President and General Manager of Waterville Valley Resort. “Developed from the feedback of industry experts and our own athletes, passholders, and guests, it has been clear from the start that this is the best plan to improve and innovate the High Country experience and now we have the go ahead to bring it to life.”

    The new lift is part of a larger, $7.5 million multiyear investment plan, dubbed Phase II. This summer saw the launch of multiple projects set to improve the skier and guest experience with resort-wide renovations, upgrades, and innovations in snowmaking, terrain, lifts, activities, the base lodge, and more.

    “Our philosophy for taking on ambitious projects at this point in the season is unique but has served us well in recent years,” says Smith of moving forward on the T-Bar lift. “By prioritizing flexibility over the customary, but limiting, opening day guarantee, we can make progress and deliver results sooner on projects that otherwise might not get started until the next season.”

    Those excited skiers and riders who can’t wait for opening day are invited for a sneak peek during the Columbus Day Weekend Fall Foliage Festival. Tour the new Phase II developments on a guided hike with Tim Smith, attend demonstrations of new technology and equipment in Town Square, and take advantage of the season pass sale, now through October 10th. 

    Further details and regular updates can be found at:  http://www.waterville.com/Phase-II
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    High country is not coming down until next spring.  There was no guarantee they'd have all of the approvals in place to ensure they had the t-bar operating for the opening of the ski season.
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    And knowing Tim Smith at Waterville pretty well, I would not put them in last place.  
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    Tedede says HiCo chair lift doesn't come down this winter.  True or false?  Other source(s) say the Tbar is on the Atlantic...
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    whygimf said:

    Tedede says HiCo chair lift doesn't come down this winter.  True or false?  Other source(s) say the Tbar is on the Atlantic...

    Start at the one minute mark.   https://www.facebook.com/wvresort/videos/1530056130395338/

    At the 90 second mark they say they are having all of the lifts inspected to operate for the season.

    Not sure what you mean by on the Atlantic, but it takes less time to ship stuff across the atlantic than it does concrete to cure.
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    T bar construction race! Ibrake4tbars must be in all his glory!⛷⛷⛷
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    ciscokid said:

    T bar construction race! Ibrake4tbars must be in all his glory!⛷⛷⛷

    Can’t imagine what gave it away :D
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    They are flying concrete today for the t-bar footings.  

    WV had a facebook live session this morning.  

    High Country chairlift comes down next summer.
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