Waterville Valley Improvements



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    I bet it works out well - our own Chris Bradford put it in!

    INTRODUCING: Gateless RFID at Waterville Valley Resort

    Day Weekend's Fall Foliage Festival allowed our biggest fans to pick up
    their Season Passes on Sale and get an exclusive look at the newest
    innovation to hit our slopes this season. We are happy to announce a new
    Gateless RFID System. Developed at Waterville Valley Resort by the
    Affinity team, led by Chris Bradford, it is the first system of it's
    kind to implement passive RFID technology. No more scanners, no more
    gates. Check out the video of our weekend in Town Square demonstrating
    our new system to our season passholders.

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    Bud Light?, Technically a NH brew maybe, they might have a few bottles in the cooler but you are much more likely to find Rocket Fuel on tap.

    By the way the Crotched Ski Sale event with Rail jam is tomorrow (Saturday October 28) & the bar is open with you guessed it...promised

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    Interesting NELSAP. I read that and didn't put two and two together.  
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    Our old friend Chris. :)]
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    While looking for Hi Country updates all I found was this:


    A look at Snow's Mtn. A Semi-Active Ski Area IMHO

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    I've noticed that they haven't opened the Green Peak chair yet or made snow there so far this season so this makes me wonder if there are issues that haven't been reported. Seems to me that they would have opened some of it by now after all the hype about it last season.
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    Didn't they open it very late last year? It's probably the bottom of the snowmaking list.
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    IIRC, it was opened on all natural in Feb. for a short time.
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    BTW, what going on with the t bar in High Country?
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