Mad River Glen? IS it a lift?

Does anyone know if there was a lift on the Slalom Hill trail? There is no listing of there ever being one, but it looks like there is one on an old map. There looks to be a hut, as well as a lift line on the right side of the trail.


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    Looks like I found the answer to my own question on the Ski Area Expansion section of NE Ski History page.

    "At some point in the early to mid 1960s, a rope tow was installed on the present day Slalom Hill trail in the Sunnyside area."

  • Yes, was rope tow used by Mad River Academy, now Green Mountain Valley School, as well as by the MRG ski club. Might be a tower/pole left but only remnant is the rebuilt bottom station that is now a nature center or the like. Must have been a hell of a steep ride for a rope tow.
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