Have American made lifts ever been installed out of the USA?

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I think I may have asked this on 1.0. So curious if a Hall has ever been installed in Europe, Asia, or the South Pacific or South America. Unless I'm mistaken a Riblet may have made its way to Australia.



  • obienickobienick expert
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    There's been many a Borvig or Hall installed in Canada.
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    I meant outside North America. Sorry - should've been more precise.
  • PeterPeter intermediate
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    The Yan high speed quads at Silver Star, BC showed up in Iran!
  • SnowmasterSnowmaster advanced
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    Also a Yan in Spain
  • LiftGuyLiftGuy advanced
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    LPOA has sold 2 of their North American design HSQ's to an area in France in the last few years.
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