Tom Corcoran Passes Away

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Sad news, I enjoyed meeting him a few years back.

Tom Corcoran Passes Away


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    Helmets off to you Tom, a big thank you for all you've done for the USA ski team and NH skiing.
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    I think he might be the last of the living "major forces" involved in the hey-day of New England ski area development.  We are indebted to him (and them).
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    RIP Tom.

    A hardworking man from a legendary ski family.  I bought one of the ski patches he'd acquired when he was involved with the US Ski Team.  He sent a nice personal note through eBay when i purchased it.

    Thanks to Tom and his family for so much that we've enjoyed, and so much we enjoy today.

    Woody Bousquet

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    Sorry to hear this news. He was a very nice guy. I remember the year the expanded Waterville  opened for business. (Snow's Mountain had been running for a while.) There had been a delay in getting the lifts up and ready and they hadn't been inspected and approved by roughly the middle of December. Nor had there been much snow, so the trails were really not skiable. They did get everything ironed out and the day they were ready to  go, it began  to snow at Waterville. I remember kidding him about the luck of the Irish saving him. Back when I was doing a ski column (about a million years ago) I always found him accessible and willing to answer questions. He built a very nice ski area. Later he and others took a shot at running the original Crotched Mountain. I think they envisioned it as a feeder area. That didn't work out so well for them, as I recall.
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    Nice tributes above, well said!

    Not sure if it was a race or other event, but he got Bobby & Ethel Kennedy, Andy Williams and John Glenn to appear at the mountain Feb 1968

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