200' of copper cable stolen from McIntyre

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Not sure if this has been posted yet, but public help is requested by Manchester Police to identify the criminals who stole 200' of copper cable from McIntyre. Lowlife's! 



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    I'm shocked they did it in the middle of the day. I feel bad when a small place like McIntyre has this happen to them. Those copper wires are very valuable, running three phase electricity to them.
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    A lot of states have laws at the scrap yards that you have to be registered, provide driver's license etc.  I know they do in NJ, and the yards stay on the look out for this type of stuff.   If I brought a bundle of this in they would know I'm not an electrician and question the heck out of me.  Sounds like parts of New England does not have these requirements?  Kind of surprising. 

     With those images I suspect they'll catch these thieves.

    Edit:  OK re-reading this it sounds like the tips can be anonymous, I thought he meant that you could cash out quickly and anonymously .  Hopefully the police can leverage the local scrap yards.  These guys are probably meth heads who need a quick buck.
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    The drug addicts in Southern NH are desperate for anything for which they can get cash.  It's a problem with empty houses, even copper grounding rods on cell phone towers. Sad :-(
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    I work near a scrap recycler and the cops are there a few times a week when people bring in something that they think is stolen or the cops told them to look out for. The thieves also both look to be wearing the same company shirt. Hopefully someone will recognize it and they will be caught.
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     2 weeks ago down in Mass. we had some large alum. parts stolen out of an anodizer's yard. They found them in a local scrap yard. The guy got caught because they take down their plate # & license #. Now for the $108 he got, he could be charged with a felony theft because the parts are worth more than $3500.

    You can see the 2014 rules for every state here:


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    Hey that's interesting, thanks for posting.  The yard I take stuff to uses the payment systems shown in that brochure
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