Brodie Video

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Not skiing but good nonetheless. My last trip was in 2006 and was in the late summer.

These are on a snowmobile and this appears to be someone who works for the property owner. I am amazed to see the trails are still somewhat mowed and all of the 3 phase appears to still be up. He seems like is actually checking it. Brodie was the biggest mountain I knew of that used all fan guns, every other pole had a plug and they had a fleet of around 8 Hedcos.

He takes a run from the summit down O'Connels run and comes out at the top of what's left of Gramp's chair and then goes down Kelly's Leap.

He has a bunch of other ones.

Here he heads up Tipperary and bangs a left over Doug's Drop to the top of Andy's chair, the one chair they appear to be "preserving". Then down Jamie's trail, then up and down O'Connels, then down Kelly's Leap.

Man these bring back memories. I have attached my very simple dream master plan. Every lift is removed, a new base to summit HSQ is installed on a mostly new line (this is what Jiminy had planned to do). The trail in green is widened and regraded to get people off the summit to the other side of the mountain. The other two lifts are fixed grips. A man can dream!
1055 x 955 - 510K
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