Colby College area - coming back?

Movement is taking place to restore the Quarry Road Recreation area (former Colby College area) for potential alpine use - read all about it.


  • I see on the current map that none of the Nordic or biking trails cross the old ski slopes. However on aerial photos the trails look completely overgrown. But this would be an ideal project for another Surface Lift! The old ski area T-bar was fast and smooth.
  • It's somewhat less overgrown than it looks. The old t-bar and rope tow lines were partially cleared at about the same time the Nordic trails were constructed and have been mowed occasionally since. The main slope is still mostly grown in, but the bottom ~60' vertical was cleared and is used for sledding. There are also several glades and narrow remnants of trails that have been hand-maintained under canopy. 

    If you're on Google Earth, you can scroll through the historical imagery from 2007 to present day to get a sense of just how much it's already been opened up. (Searching for "265 Quarry Road, Waterville, ME" in Google Earth should put you right at the base of the old t-bar.) Also note the addition of the maintenance garage, which houses a Pisten Bulley, and compressor and pumps for a 20-gun HKD snowmaking system.
  • Hey that's great news

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