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Woodbury Ski Area For Sale, Preparing to Reopen

The Connecticut ski area did not operate last winter.

After missing its first season in roughly a half century, Connecticut's Woodbury ski area is for sale. Meanwhile, off season events and maintenance have resumed, as the area prepares to reopen this winter.

Located in western Connecticut, Woodbury featured four season operations, including some of the earliest fall skiing in New England. While Woodbury could usually rely upon its arsenal of 18 fan guns to quickly cover its main slope, the severe drought in Connecticut left its system idle last fall. A new 10 year withdrawal permit has been subsequently procured.

Woodbury's history dates back to the early 1960s, when it was known as Tapawingo ski area. Former US Ski Team member Rod Taylor took over the ski area in 1972, renaming it Woodbury Ski and Racquet Club. Woodbury's Hall double chairlift was installed four years later, and a new lodge constructed about a half decade thereafter.

As a hedge against poor winters, Taylor developed an off season business at the area, including zip lining, summer tubing, and a climbing wall. The area also developed a popular annual reggae festival.

After Rod Taylor's passing in 2014, his widow Carolyn kept the area open and promoted longtime employee Scott Damato to general manager. Investments in recent years included installing new snowmaking pumps, purchasing two modern Prinoth BR350 snow cats, and the homologation of a ski racing slope. However, after much consideration, Carolyn Taylor has decided to put the ski area up for sale and retire.

According to Scott Damato, the area remains turnkey and preparations are underway to operate for the 2017-18 season if a sale is not completed. Meanwhile, a Viking obstacle race is taking place on September 23.

Any parties interested in purchasing or becoming an investor in Woodbury may contact Scott Damato at Woodbury at (203) 263-2203.

Source: "NewEnglandSkiIndustry.com"


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