Updates on Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires

Hi all, a few updates on the book:

1. Geography limited to Berkshire County-but next book will cover Pioneer Valley.
2. I'll be going to the max allowed 90 images - most have not been seen before on NELSAP or on our Facebook page.
3. Some areas have had some surprises - Williams College Ski Area is one of them. That chapter has 2800 words and about 8 photos. It was the largest college owned area in New England, 1300' drop and extremely steep. I have photos of the jumps as well.
4. Sheep Hill was another surprise - lots of information on that, 2500 words.
5. Many new ski areas discovered! Some operated for decades, others just 3 weeks.
6. Quite a few proposed areas discovered that have not been discussed before.
7. Greylock Glen was quite the debacle!
8. The Mt. Greylock Tramway was a bigger debacle!



  • What was your approach to finding all that information?
  • Lots of sources -visits to archives at colleges, libraries, newspaper articles, interviews, guidebooks, brochures, and emails. I have found some ski area founders that are still living in their late 80's, one started a lost area that only ran for 3 weeks. Don't want to give away too much info though as of yet :)
  • I remember having a high school race at the Williams College hill, and as I recall, it was very steep.  Especially when you had to walk up.
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