Otsego Ski Club will no longer be private

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Ciscokid I know this is on your list of places you want to ski at.


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    The article states it's the oldest since 1939 - which isn't true - Ski Venture in Glenville, NY is 1937. Mt. Greylock Ski Club is another. JD
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    I have been planning to ski here for the last two years or three years finally will make it happen this year I have golfed on the tribute golf course and it is fantastic. One thing they say is that it has a high-speed quad which is not true it may be a high-capacity fixed but this place was known for its minor Denver lifts and of course The Telecar, Poma/ SC
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    I am actually driving up to Gaylord today for a delivery so I will try to take a new picture of the lattice
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    National outstanding patrol
    Looking forward to finally riding Miner Denvers imageimage
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