Voting Open for 2017-2018 Best in Snow

You can now vote for who you think should win Best in Snow 2017-2018:
- Sam


  • While these are fun to take, they need more categories.  For me, I have favorites in the west and favorites in the east.  I favor those in the west, so my favorites in the east get overlooked.  While I do go for a healthy dose of the west each year I still do a majority of my skiing back here.  I like to think of it as the best of both worlds.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ

  • I agree there should be more categories.
  • obienick said:

    I agree there should be more categories.

    I also agree, but I understand that they made it with so few categories in hopes that more people would complete the survey because of its shorter length.
    - Sam
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    I loathe surveys especially when they include What is your ability level....?
    They never have the correct answer to choose from for moi - I used to be an expert skier that could handle any terrain (ok, all on piste in NE sorta kinda) but now I'm old & decrepit. Similar to are you a type I, II, or III skier? I tell them I'm a II.V now.
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