Wait till Friday...

Big Arctic blast for this time of year - highs may only reach 29 here in the Glens Falls-Saratoga region. If that happens, that will be the coldest high temperature ever recorded this early in the season. And the low Friday night may get under 10F!

It's been so mild, for so long, that those temperatures are going to feel like quite a shock.

And I'm loving it!


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    So I saw the 11pm news about a future Arctic blast and jumped to SJ and look who already posted! ;)) As I was hearing the news I was thinking are we the only people who love an Arctic Blast?!?!?

    Aside - I do realize that not everyone in ski/sled country is thrilled about winter...but we are!!!

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    It's going to be cold and windy. I'm heading up to Zealand Falls Hut that night and I am expecting wind chills of -25. It looks like winter is here, at least for now :)]
    - Sam
  • Going to work today in Burlington, VT, I drove with the windows open to enjoy the early cold. It feels great. I originally planned to go to Stowe on Saturday to see the snowmaking, but with Mount Snow opening, I'll be down there. I see the biggest silver lining with this very cold weather Friday is extreme snow output from then guns.
  • So nice to see the guns firing on the web cams.
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
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