Hidden Valley (Peak Resorts) to Close


  • Posturing for “public outcry”...
  • My guess is this is the start of 6-months of posturing that will probably end in a compromise.  Nelsbeer tends to follow Peak Resorts much closer than I do, so I hope he comments on this thread.
  • There is already MUCH public outcry on social media.  Most of it against the City of Wildwood.  Mr. Boyd seems to butt heads with these people on occasion.  Wildwood grew up around the ski area, not the other way around.


  • Sounds like a play on Peaks part. Remember when Sugarbush threatened to close to get water rights? I think HV makes money for Peak. I don't think they would sell the area to a real estate guy.
  • Hidden Valley is one of two open ski areas in Missouri...just to the west of St. Louis.  300 foot natural hill.



  • That's a pretty poorly flushed out article.  From the comments I gather that the council voted 10-0 for zip lines, but 7-3 to have restrictions on time & # of days in place.  Peaks only wanted to run the zip line in daylight hours and was willing to give up PA speakers.  

    So what were these restrictions in place? It would be nice to know.
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    they've been bickering about hours, and length of one of the zip lines.

    town wants it all to shut down at 6:30 pm

    neighboring houses are all McMansions

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    Peak is paying interest to EPR under Net/Net/Net terms (EPR gets paid first/always)... that means Peak must get as much money out of the property as it can to stay ahead of the game & make some profit.  Part of doing this is getting a healthy return on investment on new things like Zip lines. A simple change like running until dusk, or using the lights until 10 PM Friday and Saturday for 10 weeks can make a big difference in payback period. 

    Can they operate within the town's strictures, probably. Can they make capital improvements to enhance profitability, maybe not. If the operation gets to a break even point due to aging infrastructure and increasing costs maybe its time to build more McMansions, pay off their debt and drive up demand for municipal services like schools, water and sewer.

    Maybe they find another hill in a town that values life style, get a tax break, move some equipment and start over. You never know what is going to happen when you pull someone's strings too many times. But we do know that Peak can put up a Sprung Base Lodge in a few months and move used lifts pretty effectively.

  • NELSBEER said:

    drive up demand for municipal services like schools, water and sewer.

    Municipalities seldom think about this kind of thing when they continually beat down and kick the ratables

    The mcmansion people will fight any new development, that's what they do. "I'm here now, close the town!"

    Seems to me that Peak's best option would be to sell the land, let somebody else deal with the locals?

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