Renegade Glade Cutters In Vermont Asked To Reform Practices

By: Francis Xavier | November 21, 2017

“I come across trails that were narrow trails 20 years ago and they’ve been widened into elephant paths. We can love this place to death.” – Bill Menning

It’s no big secret that some backcountry skiers like to “improve” their natural surroundings by removing a pesky branch or two for an unimpeded trip down after earning their turns but some Vermont forest-habitat specialists are concerned the practice known as “glade-ing” has gotten out of control.

The Burlington Free Press reports that at a public meeting in Huntington on Wednesday a collaboration between forest experts and backcountry skiers was proposed to encourage informed sustainable glade-ing:

“We need to include foresters and wildlife biologists. It makes much more sense than having a bunch of renegades out there cutting secret glades — but not necessarily knowing what they’re doing; not knowing the difference between a striped maple or a sugar maple.”

If you yourself are a renegade backcountry glade cutter, please do so responsibly so we can preserve fragile habitats and have fun in a sustainable manner.
- Sam
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