Stories from the Slopes - A Skiing History of Western New England, WGBY Dec 6, 730pm

I'm very happy to announce that on Wednesday, Dec 6, 730PM, "Stories from the Slopes" will air on WGBY TV, Springfield, MA! This documentary will feature the skiing history of Western Massachusetts, with interviews, videos, and photos. NELSAP was proud to help contribute to this documentary. I hope you'll turn in and watch! We'll post the link to it after it airs for those of you outside the viewing region.

For those of you who can't wait to see the new book on the Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires - I know you're going to love this documentary!


  • Please try and post a link to the story after it airs for those of us out of the coverage area.  Thanks.
  • I will - I think they'll  have a link right after it airs.
  • Bumping this up - remember to watch tomorrow night!
  • It looks like the Oprah Winfrey Network has replaced that channel in my area. So it looks like I'll have to wait until they rebroadcast on one of the other multiple  PBS sub channels on my system. Unless I want to figure out to stream it...
    ISNE-I Skied New England | NESAP-the New England Ski Area Project | SOSA-Saving Our Ski Areas - Location SW of Boston MA
  • I saw a little teaser on FB.  It looks to be a great story.
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