Ski Brule’s two t-bars

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So I reached out to Ski Brule on FB. Turns out they really do run their t’s but only during peak times when the crowd control calls for it. They don’t run every weekend.

Ciscokid: you get to figure out the perfect time for the NELSAP gang to go! ;))



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    Well here is the tentative plan, two weeks after our three day rendezvous up to Boyne I plan on leaving on Saturday Feb 3 and start the adventure at Hanson Hills to ride the T bar for a couple hours and then up I 75 to taste the little Treetops Sylvan hill all included on my white gold card. Possibly a couple runs at SNOWSNAKE in Clare on the way to HH. Drive an hour over the Mackinac bridge for a $67 night at Quality inn St Ignace.

    Day 2 Sunday Feb 4 an early morning start to Marquette Mtn(180 miles) and a cheap$70 room at Econolodge.Ski Marquette mtn

    Day 3 Mon Feb 5 casual ride up to Hancock to ski a 3 PM start time for some more T-bar runs at mount Ripley and first of 3 nights at the hippy hangout known as Bohemia.

    Day 4 Tue Feb 6 SKI MT BOHEMIA

    Day 5 Wed Feb 7 we'd either another day at Mt Bohemia proper or step up to a $150 day of SNOWCAT powder skiing on VOODOO mtn

    Day 6 Thur Feb 8 a healthy 200~ mile drive to WHITECAP mtn Hurley/ Upson Wisconsin to use up paid for lodging and a couple hours skiing at INDIANHEAD and BIG POWDERHORN enroute

    Day 7 Fri Feb 9 ski WHITECAP Wisconsin Drive to Iron River

    Day 8 Sat Feb 10 SKI BRULE
    T BARS AND MUELLER LIFT, drive to Escanaba or St Ignace

    Day 9 Sun either get my sorry butt home or ski the Miner Denvers at Otsego club now public
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    If one of the TWO T bars ( a Hall and a Doppylmayr) aren't running they better have that Mueller lattice running or I'll be p o'edimage
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