Ski Tracking Apps

I used "Ski Tracks" for a few seasons.  This year, I switched to "Trace Snow".  It seems more accurate.

Do you use a ski tracking app?  Which ones have you tried?


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    I think this has been an extensive thread before. But I'm with you, easier to start again than search for the old one.
    I've used Ski Tracks, Navionics Ski, Trace (and it's former version Alpine Replay), plus some other general tracking apps. For downhill skiing/snowboarding I've found Trace to have the most features that I want.

    Most of these are poor at handling any iteration of XC or BC skiing. For those activities I use Geotracker (Android only), Strava, and Garmin.
  • Interesting to look back at that thread, recalling the image that I posted of a short short short run at Windham.  Looking at it again, reinforces what I was thinking about distance & vertical, but no way I exceeded 15 mph on that run.   It was slow mush.

    Last weekend I got three days in and didn't use the app.   Was too busy to charge my phone.  But I did add three trails to my personal resume, which was more significant (to me) than whether I did such and such vertical.   

    Funny, because I never even wanted a smart phone until I found out about ski tracking apps!

  • I stuck with Ski Tracks. I don't recall if it got updated but it looks somewhat accurate so far this season on the big Peak Resorts
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