Stories from the Slopes- A Skiing History of Western New England Now Available

Stories from the Slopes - A Skiing History of Western New England is now available for streaming! This wonderful documentary from WGBY, produced by Dave Fraser, chronicles the history of skiing around Massachusetts, featuring interviews, archival videos, photos and much more. NELSAP was proud to be a contributor to the documentary!


  • That was terrific.  I noticed in the credits, in addition to Jeremy Davis (aka NELSAP) was also SJ's Woody Bousquet.
  • That is sweet! Those  long wooden skis, bear trap bindings, grooming done by rollers pulled by Tucker snowcats. Trails that now seem pretty tame seemed a lot steeper given the equipment we  had and the quality of the grooming then. It was a bit tougher to make turns in those boots on those skis in those "ski what's here" conditions. Modern skis, snow-making and grooming that amounts to snow farming have gentled lots of mountains and, of course, made available some terrain that only a few people were able to handle in the days many of those films were taken. I got a kick out of seeing those tight ski pants, the American Ski Technique with feet and skis practically glued together and that instructor demoing the perfect stem christie. Skiing was fun and an adventure back then. Still is.
  • Just wonderful.  It sure made me homesick.
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