Bretton Woods to Install Gondola & New Summit Restaurant

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The Whittier post brought up this topic and rather than hijacking that tread, I figured I'd start a new one. Below is an article concerning the proposal

Gondola to open next winter; restaurant to open summer 2019

Would this replace the Bethlehem Quad and the Fabyan Triple or be in addition to them?  36 cabins and 1200 fpm would be 1440 pph, less than the triple or the quad.  If the former, they're going to have to do something to increase beginner opportunities as Upper Swoop is far too steep for beginners to access Ben/Big Ben/Bigger Ben, Breton's Wood, and Sawyer's Swoop.  If the latter, would this put too many skiers up on the ridge? I've never been to BW on a weekend so I can't comment how crowded it gets with both the  Rosebrook Quad and the Fabyan Triple running.


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