Clever snow report from Sugarbush

Well done (from their website):

‘Twas the night before Christmas and across Sugarbush,
The groomers were planning the snow they would push.
In the Valley were families snuggled warm in their beds,
While Christmas Day powder visions danced in their heads.
A winch cat purred merrily down Inverness run,
As powder fell steadily – we can’t wait to have fun!
Up first chair, 8 AM, skiers will shuttle with joy.
Under all that fresh powder is soft corduroy.
Cord on Jester, on Hot Shot, and on Waterfall.
From the tippy top of Ripcord down to Lower Snowball.
To smooth 45 trails is what the groomers are hopin’,
With fresh snow on the ground, a few more trails may open.
For the snowmakers’ hard work, we must clap our hands.
Building tall whales on Crackerjack, Cruiser and Birdland.
The Park Cat is sleepily grooming one final pass
around 40 new features on Reimergasse.
Super Bravo, Heaven’s Gate, and GMX spin at 8.
Instead of parking, hop on the shuttle so you wont be late!
By 9 AM all other lifts come alive,
Upper mountain lifts spin until 3:45.
By 4 o’clock, we’ll be ready to hit the hay,
But hark, what’s that sound? Is it time for apres?
Lift tickets and quad packs can be redeemed ahead of time,
For the lowest price buy your tickets online.
Abide uphill travel rules and review the responsibility code,
When adventure takes you somewhere new, it’s best to start slow.
Santa is coming… were you naughty or nice?
If we’re nice, he’ll bring powder! Naughty Vermonters get ice.


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