West Mountain - The Cure Trail, 2001 vs 2018

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I had a great day skiing in the storm yesterday at West Mountain in Queensbury, NY. It's great having a 1000' vertical mountain within 20 minutes of home, particularly on a snowy day off. They have made major improvements over the last several years with the new owners, which I am putting in a trip report.

This thread is about the Cure Trail. It previously was a narrow, steep, ungroomed, natural, unlighted trail. In a region with about 60-80" of annual snowfall, it was not open much. In recent years, it hardly ever was - and was becoming overgrown, trees encroaching on the sides, etc. In short, the trail was becoming nearly worthless.

Now I'm one for classic terrain - but if a trail can only be used a few days a year at most, at a mountain with only so much ski terrain, the trail becomes pointless. I skied it in 2001, and was nearly impossible to make it down - too much pucker brush, no space to turn, very steep. Others commented the same. Since then, the trail had become even more overgrown and narrower.

This year, West Mountain widened the trail, added snowmaking, lights to be added soon, and now grooms with a winch. It's a whole new trail - and gives West a true expert trail. Combined with the new Gnar Wall trail, it makes for a speedy descent, an excellent steep cruiser.

The first two photos are from 2001 - showing midway on the trail looking down and then looking back up it. The other two are from Jan 4, 2018, and show the trail from the top and bottom. The trail is steeper than it appears in the photo.

1152 x 864 - 553K
864 x 1152 - 492K
800 x 450 - 68K
800 x 450 - 50K


  • Nice, I'll be visiting West Mountain for the first time this year and will make it a point to ski The Cure.  My daughter has a college race at West Mountain on 2/3 & 2/4.
  • I liked it better in 2001! 

    Guess that's why I ski magic!
  • I like 2001 better, but if it opens that infrequently on natural then you have to like the new version.
  • Cool TR!!  The Cure was always a semi mythical trail, and one of the first expert trails I ever got to ski back in the early 80's as a kid growing up and spending lots of time skiing there!

    It's fun to see what Sara and Spencer Montgomery have done since they bought it a few years ago (I actually used to race against Spencer in high school) and the passion they bring to seeing the rebirth and hopeful success of West!
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