Chairlifts that primarily open only at night during the week

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West Mountain in NY operates their NW Triple during the week only after 3PM (it opens on the weekend for the full operating hours). They run their other two chairlifts, the Face Double and West Express during all operating hours. What other chairlifts out there only open at night during the week - while the other lifts operate during the day and night?

The NW Triple is reaching the end of its operational life. West has a plan to replace it, and indeed, a refurbished lift terminal is already installed near their refurbished NW base lodge. Parts of the new lift will come from the former triple at Haystack/Hermitage. Yesterday, the chair was running extremely slow - 13 minute ride to summit. The chair is 3500' long and 900' vertical. That comes out to 270'/min. In addition, all the trails from the summit of NW were all natural. That makes it even more unique - a chair open at night, with just natural terrain (at this point).


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    So half the ski area is closed until 3?
    I sure hope the midweek discount is nice and big.

    Greek Peak usually runs Chair 2, their 1963 C&S-frankenlift only on afternoon/evenings of school programs. However you can access nearly all of its terrain with traverses.
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    Yeah, only half the mountain is open till 3. Most of West's customers are night skiers from Saratoga-Glens Falls or weekenders. Some skiers come from Albany.
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    Grand Slam at Jiminy? used to only be nights. not sure as I haven't been in quite a while.

    Vortex? at Pat's was usually only on busy nights.
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    Grand Slam is nights and weekends.
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    It used to be like that at Bouquet with the CS summit chair opening at 3pm. That got changed a while ago. That lift not running at West would keep me from going there.
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