Caberfae Peaks 1/7/18

Getting the most out of my $99 weekend season pass (5 trips so far) we made the 6 hour round trip. We finally came out of the deep freeze, but the wind kicked up so the wind chill was pretty bad. At one point one of the owners was on the top of the South Peak assesing the wind and weather or not to close the lift. The gusts would catch your skis and try and pull you off the lift just before the unload station. Ultimately they left it open, but I saw him over at that lift a number of times throughout the day. The snow was perfect packed powder, the best I have ever seen at the Peaks. Looking like the new groomer is paying off.
For lunch we tailgated, turned the heater on in the camper and took shelter from the wind
Over all it was a great day and we got a lot of turns inimageimage
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  • Great !
    Can't wait to see our MRI ekg vert etc at Boyne
    You must have slipped an extra trip in there
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    ciscokid said:

    Great !
    Can't wait to see our MRI ekg vert etc at Boyne
    You must have slipped an extra trip in there

    That was all yesterday.
    I even went down part of the Bo Buck lift line in the back country.
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    Still waiting for you to hike over to tournament

    Does Jim have a YouTube of Bohemia?
    Can't get his instagram vid to work
  • Study ALL THE GLADES at Nubs, I guarantee you will love them
  • Hiking in ski boots is not my favorite thing. Hopefully after they make another Peak the tournament area will be like the current back country where you don’t have to hike to far to get out.
    Jim video is a very short clip. Maybe 10-20 seconds
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