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  • The cut on googleearth was most likely for another purpose. I think the plans for that trail were scraped before they got to work on it. IIRC
  • that cut happened right around the time they published the fantasy trail map, so maybe?  On the other hand, it gains at least 70' just before it ends

    I'm glad they put that chair back in, not because I like the chair or the trail, it just makes the place a lot bigger.  

  • In high school we called it the smoking chair.
  • So much for original plans.  Original plans were to go up to Gore and Max Pass it this weekend.  then of course we had last Friday's "massacre".  From the side lines the damage appears significant at many of the major resorts on my ticket plan.  I don't doubt that the snowmaking is good but the loss of the natural makes it much less appealing so I have re-evaluated my plans, saving the hotel charge for later in the season and will be hitting the backyard this weekend (just CBK).  

    One of the perks of being a Super Pass holder is you get 1st tracks between the hours of 7:30 am and 8:30 am when it opens to the general public.  I plan to be in line for 1st chair both days.  Will ski till either the crowds (and I expect it to be really busy this weekend) or the snow (skied off or lack of moguls) drive me to the bar.  

    Will report in brief, but not really part of the "challenge", unless I get to Mountain Creek next week (could happen).  Want to be fair to both resorts.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ

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    How would the cut work?  The end of the cut (or what I'm thinking is the cut) is significantly higher above a river valley it crosses.  80 feet per USGS DEM, 40 feet per USGS topo (most likely inaccurate).  Beyond that it's 2700' and only 20' downhill to the closest part of the abandoned Granite View trail, which per the 2010 map it intersects. Or was the map wrong and they were looking to blast a mile of trail to slowly make the drop to the base of Granite Peak?
  • I don't think it could go lower than Granite View as a link to the Granite base. Due to condos.
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    Camelback update.   God  job resurfacing.  Everything open, good base, not a bump on Mt.  Interesting talk with former GM.  Sullivan quad breakdown mid day, back running in about 1 hr but we had quit. Good runs early, busy about 10.  Will hit 1st tracks tomorrow morning.

    Just want to add; not as busy Sunday,  East side was best all weekend.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • Whew, Not  great day at the home bump today.  Mother nature pretty much zambonie'd (sp?) the trails last night, not much the mountain could do about that.  Some skied ok, some not. but that was only part of the problem.  

    Didn't get to mountain for most of 1st tracks but was out by 8:15.  Worked our way east skipping Rocket which has bumps (yea, probably hard as a rock today but maybe tomorrow) and Big Pocono/Uncle Bills (race training).  Went for the East Side after Cleopatra.  One run on Nile Mile (not great) skipped Cliffy, which looked like a sea of Death Cookies, and Pharoh, which was not bad.  This time up Stevenson went down and left us hanging for 15-20 minutes.  Got us up to the top and skied down Near East to Raceway where we found out the lift was closed so we got on line for Glen Lift which was scheduled to open at 10 (it was about 9:50 at the time).  Raceway triple was not running, the crowds are coming over to Glen from the closed Stevenson, Sunbowl II wasn't running.  It was a nightmare.  To make things worse they didn't get Glen open till 10:15.  Stood there for 30 min for that.  Yea we could have walked up to Marc Antony but the wife didn't want to do that so we hung.  Enough for me as I traded the ice on the mountain for the ice at the bar.  Found out later Raceway is broken too.  They did get Stevenson up and running later but we were done for the day.  They also had an issue with the bathrooms in the lodge and mucho people.  

    Will try again tomorrow where we may get some snow and it will be a whole different world.


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    Camelback holds a special niche in this old skiers heart, not only did I ski with the large snowjournal group Christmas week '08 and New Year's Day '14 with Trackbiker and almost 4aprice, but I vividly remember going there in '76 after the extended family ate a five course meal at Buck Hill Inn and the little BH ski area was not enough to challenge us so we went to Camelback and the bumps and ice scared us and put us back in the minor leagues. Driving with my brother in law's early '70s Chevy full size Blazer with my older sister and little brother.
    It may be in the banana belt but for over a half century has been a Pocono mainstay. Can't imagine the crowds though now with the water park.
  • There's about 6+ inches of snow outside "Stately Price Manor" and probably about the same up at CBK.  Tomorrow could be  totally different day.  Will get there early.


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  • I love March (and April too)

    After just a putrid February we had this coming weekend planned for a long time.  Had to run up to Camelback to get the skis from our locker.  Got to the lot, looked up and saw bumps on Rocket and said why not?  Booted up and boarded Sullivan. Quad.  

    55 degrees, sweatshirt,  soft snow,  big bumps.  Yo-yo'ed 10 laps.  Awesome.   I love spring skiing

    Got a pick but the light was so flat it won't do it justice.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • The Sojourn chair was taken out and the idiots tried to blast a trail in the opposite direction to get people from South back to Granite and the Vernon base - only they found out that the terrain does NOT go that way. So they put a new Sojourn chair back in.

    With the ski area still in bankruptcy - nothing more is going to be improved or built. They also owe Vernon $26 million for the sewer system and sewer treatment plant. Without that - kiss the whole area (including the townhouses) 
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