What was your shortest ski outing?Shortest ever for me 1.5 hours Cannonsburg Mi 1/13/18



  • I've 2 occasions. In December of "74" my friend Mike and I drive all the way up to Tremblant in my Mustang II in a blinding snow storm from Manchester NH. They received 10" and the next morning we were pumped for some pow runs. Well all they opened was a chair that went 1/3 of the way up and 1 trail. We took 2 runs on a rolled surface and left. Then we decided to head to Loon Mt. for the PM ticket. Loon had 8 trails open from the Gondi summit and we had a great PM there.
    My other short day was at Crotched it was a Sunday on New Year's Day after a blowtorch Sat. took 1 run because the groomers pulled up so much mud and stones it just plain sucked. So I took out my glade making tools and went to work in the woods.

  • I did an interesting 75 minute ski session at Alta last
    Saturday that was one of my shortest "ski days" in recent memory. 
    Alta (God bless them) has a neat offering
    where they allow you to purchase a $10 lift ticket to ski their Sunnyside
    beginner triple chairlift any day from 3-4:30 PM. 
    In fact, for something like $30-35 you can
    get a season pass to ski this lift every day at that time (some years back it
    was totally free).  This a fantastic way
    to introduce new recruits to the sport.  If
    only more ski areas could do this!?!  In
    my case, I had been snowshoeing near Alta earlier in the day with my wife
    (non-skier) and then I did this $10 ticket deal while she went inside the
    Albion Lodge to surf the web on a laptop.   I actually missed out on 15 minutes of my 90
    minute ticket, but I still got in four lift rides for my $10.   This program is pretty popular, esp. on
    Saturdays and I rode the lift with many never-evers and families.   


    I say interesting, because the Sunnyside lift at Alta has
    an 810 foot vertical and a length of 4730'. 
    It is a detachable triple making it easy to get on and off the chair.  It generally serves scenic beginner/novice
    terrain with green circle runs longer than a mile, but if you ski straight
    under the lift there are some short black diamond runs and glades, including
    small cliff drops!   At an honest 810 vertical it is bigger than many
    of the areas I ski in the mid-Atlantic, which on a Saturday would charge you
    about $80 to ski.  Tip, if you are
    planning on teaching a child or friend to ski for the first time, start for an
    hour or two on Alta's very low angle rope tows at the base area.  They are free all day long, and then move
    over to the Sunnyside Lift for $10 at 3 PM. 
    This strategy would be especially pleasant on quiet weekdays.  Only one problem,  anybody who got introduced to our sport this
    way would be spoiled for life compared to all other ski areas:-)


    Sunnyside lift, photo by Jim Kenney


  • Wow that is a great deal if you're up in the canyon or want to get a little skiing in on your first day up there
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  • A powder day at Magic. I realized I just can't ski powder deeper than 8". It had 12+"!  Have not had the chance to really learn to ski powder and at 60, it kicked this weekday warrior's ass. Two runs took one and a half hours. (Including chair rides)  Put the old tail between my tired legs and drove home. Sigh.

    * Note that had I not skied the day before I *might* have fared better.... Sigh again.
    "I need a powder day"
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