Base lodge restaurants/bars with ski lift hardware

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Another topic - base lodge restaurants and bars with ski lift hardware in the them. This would be chairs, gondolas, surface lifts, sheave trains, haul ropes, etc.

As a start, this is a photo from Sommet Olympia, Quebec- their Kozak restaurant - looks like sheave trains and chairs.

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    Gunstock and new Jay hotel
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    The entrance to Crotched Mtn's lodge is filled with chairs taken from an old chairlift, I think from CM east. 

    In front of Mt. Snow's main lodge are examples of several old lift types that they operated over the decades.

    And it's hard to think of a bar in a base lodge that doesn't include a pair or two of wooden skis.
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    Ted's Mt Holly the bestimage
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    It would almost be easier to start a thread of ski areas that lack ski lift hardware in their recently built or recently modernized base lodges or bars.  Seems to be the thing these days, and I enjoy it.

    I immediately thought of the new Jay hotel, posted by ski_it.

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    He said lift hardware inside ski restaurants and bars which is why I didn't list Cannon or Jays Statesude with the old trams outside.

    Baker Mtn ME has a section of original tow rope circa 1936 mounted on the wall.
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    Tannery Pub at the base of Gore has booths made out of the old red gondolas
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    This thread seems to specifically about lift equipment, not old skis or tail signs.

    Black Mountain has two old center pole Mueller chairs on the deck outside the pub.
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    The Sunset Grill on Rt 49 at Waterville Valley has older chairs hanging from their ceiling. Nice touch.
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    The summit lodge at Hunter had a chair suspended from the ceiling.


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    How many of us have some kind of ski equipment as decor? All I was able to salvage from the homestead was an old Mardi Gras double chair that my dad had turned into a bench. It's twin went to a friend's house. Mine is even visible on Google Earth. 
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    Gore mountain has infrastructure from the old gondola in its snowsports lodge that was previously the base terminal, as well as their new Straight Brook Lodge which was the former summit terminal. They have gondola cabins that they turned into booths in the Tannery Pub, and if I recall correctly the North Creek train station uses old Hall double chairs as benches on the platform. Numerous people also have old cabins and chairs that gore sold off
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    I believe Oak Mt has some of the old wooden t's from the old t-bar in their bar.
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    The Tower Bar in the Tram Haus lodge at Jay has cut-down towers and sheave trains for decoration, and the Bullwheel bar at Stateside has a bullwheel-turned-chandelier hanging from the ceiling (and that's a fantastic name for a ski-resort bar, too). Oh, Tram Haus also has a bullwheel out front where you pull up to unload.
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    Care to share a picture of the Mardi Gras double BMW?
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    I just tried to but both are 3.2 mbs--- trying to figure out how to shrink them. 

    Here's the flickr album

    My parents got two. The Valley was giving them away when they took down the chair and they had removed the cross bars. My dad built the bases for them so they could be used on a platform at their house on Lake Chautauqua for cocktails at night with the neighbors. When my brother and I sold the cottage, I took one and a close friend took the other. Dad even cajoled "official" HV orange paint to redo them when needed. 

    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
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