Caberfae Peaks 1/13/18

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Another weekend another trip to Caberfae. What made this trip different was the last minute planing and leaving on Friday night, setting up the pick up camper and sleeping in their parking lot. We got to the Peaks around 11:30 at night and were up by 7;30 and made breakfast imageimageimage
We were on the lifts by 9:15. I have to give a big thumbs up to the grooming crew. After near 60 degrees and rain then a rapid freeze the snow was firm but carvable with some sugar like snow on top with next to no ice. They still have a good 4 foot of base left. It snowed off at on all dayimageimageimageimage
Saggys Copper Country Ski’s (handmade skis made in Michigan) was there for a demo day. Jim and myself tried a pair. I wasn’t too impressed,but to be fair they were 105mm Ski and we didn’t have the right snow to support it. image
After making a number of runs on the Shaggy skis we went in for the mandatory Arlos Ultimate Bloody Mary image
We went back out for another hour or so and the. We headed to the camper to make some venison burgers image
After lunch the sun came out and helped the 10 degrees out feel a little warmerimage
Then 20 mins later a wall of snow from the Lake Michigan snow machine would kick in for 10-20 minuets then the sun would come back out. image
We skied until the light got flat went back to the camper had an adult beverage and warmed up. After we cleaned up and packed up the camper we went out for snow me night turns imageimage
At this point my phone died but we did another 7 runs for a total of 34 runs for the day. It was a great day a a great road trip. imageimage
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