Quebec Day 1 - Jan 14 2018 - Mont Avalanche bust + Photos of St. Sauveur

We're up staying in St. Sauveur for an 8 day vacation, and hopefully 8 brand new ski areas! This is for my 40th birthday (where did the time go!) We are staying at an Airbnb condo in St. Sauveur, 90 seconds from the Atomic Express Quad, for a ridiculously low price of $420 for the week - and it's a new, modern, stylish condo. Almost too good to be true - thanks Canadian exchange rate! The last photo shows how close we are staying to the ski area, it's right across the street.

Here's Day 1 of our Quebec ski trip.We left Saratoga at 7am, and made it to Mont Avalanche, a 400' vertical triple chairlift area about 20 min north of St. Sauveur.

Pulling into the parking lot, Scott noticed the lift wasn't running - and no cars in the parking lot despite freshly groomed snow (they got about 10" yesterday). What ?!?! A quick check of their Facebook page shows they had closed as the access road was closed due to flooding - but we had just driven up the road with no issues. It turns out the town opened it just before we drove up the road. But it was too late to get the staff there to open. Bummer. So we headed back into town for lunch, since by the time we'd go anywhere else we'd spend more $$ and not have a lot of time, and it was a good opportunity to get the lay of the land.

After lunch, we checked in, then walked around St. Sauveur, and drove to Versant Avila down the road to check it out. They do a 3pm groom on the mountain, and we caught the groomers in action. The lights for night skiing are on right now out the window.

Tomorrow, to make time up, we will ski Vallee Bleue and Belle Neige, two smaller areas near each other but they look fun. And the price is right for both.

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  • Go Jason and happy 40th
  • Here's some places we don't normally see photos of, thanks for sharing!
    Interesting sponsored HSQ
    - Sam
  • The picture of St Sauveur afternoon groom.  Love it.  Nice line right down the side there.  That's the type of thing I would love to see our "backyard" areas do.  I don't understand why its so hard.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ
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