Quebec Day 2- Vallee Bleue

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Our first ski area of the trip was Vallee Bleue. Featuring a 4 hour ticket for just about $15 US, the ski area was a very affordable choice. The triple was open which served most of the terrain, and this was a quiet day at the ski area. In fact, when we arrived, there were no other skiers in the parking lot. The vertical is about 300' off the triple, and while not huge, the mountain skied larger than the vertical would indicate. There are wide open slopes, narrower trails, glades, some decent chutes, and a terrain park. 

This was the kind of ski area that I know all NELSAPPERs and SJ'ers would enjoy. It's an independent area, with a relaxed vibe and very friendly staff. We felt more like we were at our own private ski area. And the food was very affordable too. A family size poutine for us was just 7.10 US, and lunch total including drinks and a maple pie came to just $14 US. 

The snow was just about perfect - groomed, no signs of ice. 

Enjoy the photos, JD
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1080 x 608 - 436K
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  • Happy birthday!!! Enjoying the trip reports.  Keep em' coming!
  • From one birthday boy to another happy birthday!

    Like the yellow tower( Nubs like) the halo, and ziggy looks great like stardust!

  • Happy Birthday, something seems magical about these little resorts. Enjoy!  <:-P

  • Those photos look like a time warp back to 1965,
    uncrowded ski trails with deep-rural looking landscapes. 
    Very neat, but also a little spooky.  I say 1965, because even when I started
    skiing in 1967 the areas didn't look as remote and empty as your photos.  I've skied small US ski areas, even recently,
    that felt like "my private ski area" with maybe only 50 skiers
    sharing the slopes with me, but your photos look like my desert island ski
    area.  I am being partly facetious, but
    also somewhat concerned about the viability of these Quebec ski areas that are so
    modestly utilized??

  • Someone I knew owned a rental near a 400 ft hill there. Not sure what one. He said weekends were crazy by his place, but midweek was a ghost town. He also said the recycling bin was very heavy on Monday morning.
  • Great report! Nice pictures
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    Very nice JD! Keep the reports coming as I know next to nothing about these areas. Yes I would to ski there. Maybe someday....
    Hey easy on the Poutine or you could end up looking like me. I recommend one bowl a day max :D
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