Lost triple at Chantecler

Here are the shots of the lost triple. It was quite long, multiple midstations, up and down - like the Slide Brook Express minus the midstations. Most of the lift is still standing.

1080 x 608 - 276K
1080 x 608 - 243K
1080 x 608 - 298K
1080 x 608 - 248K
1080 x 608 - 260K
1080 x 608 - 225K


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    So, only Mt #4, as shown on the linked map remains?
    Nothing by the Hotel?

    Edit....Read Jeremy's other post and found the answer.
    You ski because even if you don't do it well, it's still a blast....
  • Wow how long was that ride? Looks longer that the old northwest passage chair at Killington!
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    1985 5300'x695' 1200pph 500fpm 

    So an 11 minute ride.

    It's got nothing on Northwest Passage which was was 9243'x1436' 1800pph 550 fpm which was an 17 minute ride.

    Does anyone know when Chantecler shrunk to what it is today? There was also a 1985 quad that was built with the triple and was at the triple's start point and was eventually removed.
  • Thanks, I posted something in the other thread .  This was a long cold ride but lots of fun.  I once got stuck at the base of #4 after the triple traversing lift closed.  I do speak some French (thank you Sister Beatrice) but must have not heard the closing  announcement.  In those days I prided myself in going all day and staying until closing.  The staff got me back to the hotel with no problem.  I was last up there in 2005 or 2006 when they still had the Quad at the hotel #1 operating but they used a shuttle to transfer skiiers to/from the hotel and #4.  
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