Quebec Trip Day 3, Mont Habitant Night Skiing, 1/17/18

On the night of the 17th, we hit up Mont Habitant for some night skiing, after a full day exploring the region's ski history and lost ski areas with Pierre Dumas, visiting the Laurentian Ski Museum, and snowshoeing on the Petit Train du Nord. 

We were pretty zonked, so only did 10 runs. Habitant has a bit more than a 500 drop, and a two for $44 deal, so you can't beat it. We arrived as it was getting dark. Temps in 20s, no wind, and not much of a crowd, but it got busier by the time we left near 7. 

The mountain reminds me a lot of the Minutemen area at Wachusett. Mostly moderately pitched cruisers, though one trail, La Tuque, did have a decent albeit short pitch. From that trail, one could see Sommet Saint Sauveur which is less than a mile away.

This was another fun mountain, definitely more for locals but a good change of pace.

1080 x 608 - 163K
1080 x 608 - 217K
1080 x 608 - 201K
1080 x 608 - 249K
1080 x 608 - 217K
1080 x 608 - 234K


  • Nice. Are those all campers at the base or just really small second homes?
  • A mix - but quite a few are rather nice trailers. 
  • By the pics it reminds me of Mt Southington
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