Quebec Ski Trip Day 4 - Belle Neige, 1/18/18

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On the 18th, we skied at Belle Neige. Before hitting the mountain, we ate a local institution called Au Petit Poucet, which has the best breakfasts around. I enjoyed French Toast with maple creme and fresh fruit. I was so full I wasn't hungry until 6pm! Seriously, even after a day of skiing I wasn't hungry.

Link to Belle Neige

Belle Neige has a 420' drop, 20 trails, a Doppelmayr Quad and a Hall Double (that only operates in peak periods). They have lots of specials throughout the week. Thursday was "Mustache Thursday" where, for about $19 US, you get a full day pass and a drink at the bar for men 18+, if you buy two passes. A terrific deal, but I think we were the only guys taking advantage of it. When we had our drink the bar was totally empty.

The trails all flow off the summit, with the greatest pitch on top and then quickly mellow out. It was a very relaxing mountain and we hit all open terrain except a few glades that had limited cover. Snow was groomed packed powder, as well as powder on some trails. No lift lines at all, but there were several local school's ski classes going on.

This area had the same type of vibe as a Suicide Six, Quechee, or Mohawk CT.

The terrain is interesting, with some unique quirks. There is a "Plushies" trail with stuffed animals for kids. Nancy Greene was a groomed black that went around a large rock feature. Zone X was much more like a ski bowl than anything we had seen here. Blizzard was an ungroomed intermediate with tree islands. There is also a glade called Pic Bois.

A very enjoyable ski area at a terrific price!
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  • Another great report
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  • Have driven by BN many times- always curious about it. Thanks for the report!
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