Boyne Mountain 1/20 and Boyne Highlands 1/21/18

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Well where do I start, we arrived late morning to a Sun filled sky to a very busy and as Maine native Conrad said a good vibe. After we dropped Ibrake4tbars off to go get his rental equipment we parked the Jeep and took the shuttle wagon got our tickets and headed over to the 1936 original first chair lift in the world from Sun Valley sold to Everett Kercher and still many parts used from the first chair lift in the world. So what is the right thing to do is take your very first lift ride with the famous not infamous Ibrake4tbars on the oldest double chair in the world ,it would seem to be the thing to do to start the day out.

This was a very big mistake ,not only do you squeeze two extra large bodies into a tight chair it makes for uncomfortable seating and precarious exiting as demonstrated in our "near fatal "exit off the lift where Ciscokid and Ibrake4tbars tripped each other up, ibrake slammed face first into the snow, glasses flying off, knee bent out of shape and Ciscokid getting slammed in the back by the next chair full speed and ski coming off. Mucho pain ensued by both.

We sucked up the pain and proceeded to do a left to right chairlift picture taking extravaganza with Conrad going over to the Ramshead Centerpole quad after him getting the Hemlock double original chair pictures. We then proceeded down to disciples Ridge chair one with Conrad taking numerous pictures. Over we went to disciples ridge number two and followed suit and then going down to the Alpine Doppylmayr center pole double chair which we rode separate.

We then proceeded over to the front face of the mountain riding the six pack and then cruising cold Springs , a 1 mile easy run over to the lunch prepared for us by Ted Reilly and Jim Dawson at the pick up truck with the grill burning at the bottom of the Meadows chair by the ski patrol. Conrad went off independently on a picture taking single extravaganza and proceeded to blow our minds away with a total day count of 919 photos.

We sucked down some excellent venison kill bossa or bratworst and Conrad inhaled a 1/3 pound venison burger in a matter of moments. We then got Ibrake4tbars back to the lodge where he ended his short-lived day. It was just good to ski a couple hours with Ibrake4tbars and Conrad and then I went off with Jim and Ted and we made numerous runs down the front face from the Super Bowl across the and then over to devils dive and made some runs there which is the steepest run in that area of the mountain I have not done it in ten years. All in all it was a great day at the mountain
We all stayed in a very nice suite which accommodated all five of us very easily with the kitchen and Ibrake4tbars made his famous fondue and we all sat at the table and drank some wine and just relaxed and hit the hot tub and shared many stories

The decision was made for Conrad and Ciscokid to ski the Highlands on Sunday to continue Conrads photo opportunities with the old lifts there which were the first triple in the world ,first detachable liftin Michigan and three center pole Riblet quads. Ted and Jim went to Nubs Nob. Ibrake4tbars rested his knee and we were done in 3 hours. We got an early start back home because of a ice storm expected and did not want to chance not getting Conrad back to the airport so we got home Sunday evening.all in all a great two day adventure


Conrad with Nubs in backround


Center pole quadimage

Ted at top of BMimage


Devils diveimage

Ibrake4tbars and Jim in Super Bowl CPQ imageimage

Conrad ready to suck down Jims venison burgerimage

Masterchef James Dawsonimage

Delilah venison bratimage

Ted, Jim and a old Mt Holly patroller friend, and Ibrake4tbars image

Conrad and Ibrake4tbars image

Ibrake4tbars imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
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  • Now that doesn't seem like 919 photos to me :D
    Thanks for the report
    - Sam
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    Now that doesn't seem like 919 photos to me :D
    Thanks for the report

    No that's just my few, I go pro'd almost everything
    Ask my wife when we all watched the dismount on the first Hemlock chair lift ride the profanity and grunting and whatnot was repeatedly played and it was overwhelmingly demonstrated that Ciscokid was at fault almost causing Ibrake4tbars loss of life and limb!

    Conrad took the 919 saturday, he will be putting them on remontees mechaniques( spell)
    Don't know how many Sunday
  • Easily one of the top 5 ski weekends last March of my FIFTY plus years of skiing
  • As shown in this pic the parking lot was at most half full, I wonder if the $95 walk up rate is a little "steep" because the conditions were great, no wind, mid to upper 30's and ballroom( I break?) smooth grooming.
    Ted said the crowds were sparse at Nubs also I believe

    Conrad do we have a pic count from Sunday at the Highlands?image
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  • Here is a pic of Nubs lot just before we left at 2 o’clock image
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  • Here's a preview of some of the photos:

    North Face chair, Boyne Highlands

    Mountain Express, Boyne Mountain

    Superbowl chair, Boyne Mountain
  • Wow looks a little snug, pic furnished by the chief photographer Conrad, my wife laughed like crazy at the picimage
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  • Had a little problem ducking under the center polesimage
    320 x 180 - 32K
  • Boyne was great, minus the, um, incident atop the Hemlock double. 8-|

    I’ll ski there again, no question about it.

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    Ted yea even at $76 compared to $95 Nubs lot was sparse.
    Sure wish Ibrake4tbars had the opportunity to ski Nubs, he seemed to be a big Riblet fan unlike ski_it, the butter like grips are a strong selling point.

    I would have liked to see 200 or so of Conrads pics of Nubs colored lifts
  • I bet half of those cars were people who were racing. Never more than one or two people in front of us in line
  • Wow we were riding the Super Bowl lift almost on its 2013 washout date of 5 years ago
  • Ok I'm moving into chairlift RELOCATION HISTORY AT BOYNE MOUNTAIN

    I believe the TOP NOTCH DOUBLE HERON was on the current Borvig/ Riblet Boyneland triple if I were a betting man. Being it was removed in 2005 we should be able to confirm this

    The Meadows CONVEYOR LOADING quad was built about 10 yrs ago slightly further down the hill to the south closer to Super bowl. The original Heron FIRST QUAD IN THE WORLD was very close to the ski patrol shack
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    Disciples Ridge expansion 1995 confirmed( I was right )
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    I would say Stein was on Hemlock with the Hemlock double on right(1955)

    Look at the chair closely, I would say it was early conversion to a double replacing the original Sun Valley single, AGREE? Obviously the unloading area further up than it is now Ibrake4tbars
    and the Eagles Nest on leftimage

    Boyne Mountain had FIVE DOUBLES at one time, I need help finding OLD TRAILMAPS, MAPNUT?image
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    Thanks Ted, ok it looks like it was towards where the Super Bowl is now, to left of Meadows but right of super bowltimage

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  • image
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    Mystery being solved

    This map solves it thanks Ted, Express double, Victor used to be double, and North Boyne was a double now the Boyneland Borvig triple

    Looks to have had a double lift in the Super Bowl to left of "NEW "Super Bow lift
    4032 x 1546 - 919K
  • ciscokid said:

    Had a little problem ducking under the center polesimage

    Conrad now we know why Macgully is closed all the time ( or most of), if average height skiers are on lift you'd have to litterally be a midget to ski under them

    Like doorway I can always tell how old a lift is by how much I have to duck, with or without go pro

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    Conrad Where did you find this?Love this '67 Ibrake4tbars TWO T BARS!

    Hey they had s HEMLOCKtrail here too
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  • Awesome Report Cisco! looks like a blast
  • I did some research and I'm guessing Boyne Land came from the Super Bowl slope where it was originally installed by Borvig in 1982 as a double. Not sure where they got the chairs.
  • ADKskier said:

    Awesome Report Cisco! looks like a blast

    Adk , thanks yea it was a gathering of " odd ducks or strange birds" may I put it politely. All with one common bond, skiing. So many different facets to the sport uniting us together.

    Adk correct me if I'm wrong, aren't you the one who serve/ served in the military?( and may have been injured, if so thanks for serving and protecting our freedom)

    Would love to see reports if able from adirondack areas if that is your forte.

    Conrad, I see your name attached to a couple of maps particularly interesting the 1967 w the old Harbor Highlands.
    I can't figure out the '85 one
  • Boyne Mountain The Meadows-1st QUAD IN WORLD 1964

    Boyne Highlands- Macgully or Heather( Conrad or Ibrake4tbars need help) FIRST TRIPLE IN WORLD 1963

    Other lifts Ramshead Centerpole quad 1969
    super bowl 1973

    Additions or corrections?Victor

    On that one map Thunder chair? From Thunder mountain that Kercher bought?
  • For Boyne Mountain:
    Super Bowl = 1987 reinstall from Thunder Mountain (source Heritage Journal)
    Ramshead 1969 as mentioned
    Victor = 90's install, likely relocation of North McLough quad which was replaced by six pack.

    Based on trail maps and, McGulley was a 1967 Riblet install. However, I still believe Valley to be a relocated 1963 world's first triple.
  • Yea Valley had the double grip attachment to the chair unlike the other triples, similar or the same as the center pole quads
  • Great trip report and historical photos!
  • NELSAP said:

    Great trip report and historical photos!

    Hysterical gang and historical lifts

    Don't know if Quebec will ever be in my itinerary although the city and the Fairmont hotel interests me but not my pocket book. Le Massif always intrigued me. We got enough 4-600 vert hills here.

    Proud to have something in Michigan that drew a Maine native and Vermont resident here.

    And we had fondue!
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