Boyne Mountain 1/20818

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I was part of Bob's ski trip. My buddy Jim and i drove up to Boyne on Friday night and spent the night in his pickup camper in the parking lot. It was dark except you could see the lights of the groomers. 
We woke up to sunny skies and a nice view

It was around 32 degrees out and no wind. The snow was firm but you could get an edge in. We skied from 9;30ish untill noon and we tailgated for lunch. During lunch Ciscokid (Bob), I Brake for T-Bars (Mark) and Conrad showed for some food also. After lunch Bob got Mark back to the lodge so he could tend to his knee, and Conrad went his own way to take more of hos almost 1,000 pics of the chairlifts Bob skied with us for the rest of the afternoon in what was beautiful spring snow in January. After 4;30 Bob left and Jim and I skied until 6:30 or so. They had a Sam Adams big air dhow going on also so we watched for about 10 mins. We packed up and headed to the hotel were Bob was staying.
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  • Fantastic day had by all Ted thank you very much and make sure to thank Jim again. I never saw that circular fireplace is that at Eagles-nest?

    Can you post the video I texted you of you and Jim skiing down Devils dive if possible youtube or whatever?
  • Yes the fire place was in the Eagles Nest
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    Jim and myself on Devil’s Dive at Boyne Mountain 
  • Oh I finally saw the behemoth listening to Zep
    I still like the Hemlock although it almost broke my backimage
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