Quebec Trip Ski Day 7- Mont Gabriel, Jan 21, 2018

Our last ski day was at Mont Gabriel for 3 hours, prior to having to return home. Online ticket purchase for about $20 if you buy the night before. Gabriel is one of the oldest areas in the area, very visible from the Autoroute, about 500' of vertical. Two faces of the mountain. One is served by 2 parallel fixed grip quads, the other a triple and the oldest T-bar likely still in existence.

Upon arrival, the parking lot was already filling up by 845. Turns out there was a race going on. The base lodge was also filling up - but nowhere near as full as when we left at noon, when it was completely jammed. Almost all trails were open with firm groomed snow.

As we had done for much of the week, we started on the easier terrain and moved up from there, plus we were pretty beat from a week of skiing. The quad is only about a 3 minute ride up, but it started and stopped quite a bit due to kids loading. They soon opened the other quad which did not start and stop.

From Gabriel, you can see Mt. Olympia, Saint Sauveur, Montreal, and Mt. Habitant. You can also see their lost slopes across the road. 

Riding the T-bar was awesome - a classic Constam, 3 min ride up. I posted a video on another thread. It's a fast lift, maybe 600'/min. Lift line moved slowly. Lots of the racers were going up just one at a time. It's not too often you get to ride a 65 year old lift!

The other great trail was Zig-Zag, a winding intermediate that was quite narrow. We could have skied it all day.

We met up with Pierre Dumas again for some runs and he introduced us to the general manager and a ski instructor who has been teaching there for 40 years, Robert Miron. He's the historian of the mountain.

We enjoyed Gabriel, great for a few hours. Quick runs but enough variety and pitch to keep things interesting, plus some neat historical features. A midweek day would allow for more runs but no T-bar riding (only at peak times).

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