The Mueller lattice lift capital - Mont Sutton

Just been doing some appears that Mont Sutton, in the nearby-ish Eastern Townships, is home to 6 (!) Mueller lifts, including 2 with center poles/side safety bars, which may be some of the very few left in existence. Who has skied Sutton, and what do you think?

Link to lifts at Sutton


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    Love lattice and hope to ride my first Mueller in a few weeks. Nice JD

    I am very familiar with Remontees Mechaniques having spent last wkend with the "mad"picture takerConrad

    If I could just figure out how to negotiate that website, Conrad didn't train me
  • I’ve heard GREAT things about Mont Sutton. It’s a glade-lover’s dream.
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    I've driven up there after hours from Jay in the spring. It's pretty close. IIRC you can see the peak easily from Jay but no trails. I don't recall too much so I'm no help. What I do recall was that it was much more substantial than I expected. I was wondering why Canadians came to Jay when they had this. It looked like a fun place to ski and I had skiers lust.
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  • There's a company (might be part of a Swiss company called Rowema) that still supplies Mueller parts. See their website here:
    I think some of chairs on these lifts have been replaced by this company and look almost the same as the originals!
  • the wife and I have skied Sutton lots of times,we’re going to take our ‘young apprentice’ for his first trip once the snow returns (it will). great layout for the vertical, best trails can be found to the left of the main quad. The glades are fairly open in most places, many are groomed and have snowmaking.

    a couple of notes for lift lovers:

    -the detachable quad is one of the oldest in the east (unless recently replaced)
    -at least one of the doubles came from Mt Echo which closed in the early 80s; Echo was situated on the ridge east of Sutton, not far away

    Also, the trails on Sutton go back to the 30s and, I think Jackrabbit Johansson assisted with layout as he did at now defunct Mt. Glenn.
  • Seems like a NELSAP Mueller center pole-seeking ski trip is in order for the next season.

    Just sayin’
  • Seems like a NELSAP Mueller center pole-seeking ski trip is in order for the next season.

    Just sayin’

    Of course the Riblets and the Dopp didn't satisfy your hunger⛷⛷⛷

    Those lattice towers are what I'm lusting after( like the CS at Mt Sneau⛷
  • Well if Tenney opens u can have a sweet long ride on a lattice chair!
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