Winter OLYMPICS 2018 comments results question answers etc.



  • Question: Has anything signalled the end of humanity more than these closing ceremonies? Blade Runner is looking like an optimistic version of the future.
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    Not much kept me glued in . I think I watched more of the results/ interviews channel than anything. Skiing generally on late

    Can watch Lapinski but not the "dude looks like a lady"

    Wife couldn't even stand watching closing ceremonies

    Well 4th place in medal count
  • I felt like I was watching the Hunger Games every time they came on. I'm surprised the network would allow them to dress like that,,,,, then again I'm not surprised.

  • they are an entertaining pair!  I enjoy them, personally.  I just feel like that third guy they had supposedly leading the team was in way over his head.

    have it from a good authority (a former property manager) that Johnny is the same off camera, he's constantly "on" and creating havoc.  I say good for him, he's making a living off his persona.   

    If only we could turn back time and have Tara & Johnny cover the Nancy & Tonya drama, with Oksana spoiling the party.  That would've been epic

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