General observations from Lincoln/Woodstock/Loon, NH 2/16/2018

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This isn't worthy of a trip report.  And I don't want to post it in the 2017/2018 ratings thread because I know it doesn't represent all of New England and it has nothing to do with ski industry seasonal revenue.   So it's just a random data point from a single place on a single date.  Do with it what you like.
In Lincoln, NH at 7am it was 34 degrees.  Route 93 North was well salted and generally good driving,  Main Street in Lincoln and the parking lots of the businesses along it were a skating rink.  Very hard to walk from the truck in back without taking a fall.   Throughout the rest of the day the temps were in the mid 30s with heavily overcast skies.  Although the temp allowed for some melting, the lack of sun really didn't.  As a result everything remained mostly on the line of soggy and frozen. The slippery factor only increased as light melting occurred on fully frozen surfaces.  

By 2pm I discarded all plans to ski. Instead I went for a walk in the woods of Woodstock with the dog. Despite everything mentioned above, and the doom-and-gloom reports everywhere, there is a ton of snow!  Snowpack in the woods is consistent 2-ft


All this snow made me reconsider the slopes.  We (the dog and I) literally ran back to the truck. I threw on my snowboard boots and helmet, threw a board in the back and raced over to Loon.  By the time I got there it was raining but I went for it anyway. At South Peak it was raining for the bottom 1/2 and snowing on the upper 1/2.


The snow was very soft from top to bottom.  The coverage was exceptional from top to bottom.  I only stayed for a couple of runs.  I got soaked.  I also got rejuvenated mentally about the snowpack, conditions, and potential for the rest of the season. 

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    Thanks for the report Cannonball. Always interested in whats going on in Lincoln as Loon is one of our favorites and we will be up there the first weekend in March.  I really appreciate the pictures and hope for the  best `as we enter at least a weeks worth of warmer weather.  I would imagine that most snow making terrain would survive pretty well and hopefully being as far north as that area is the thaw will be muted as compared to down here.  

    Also glad to hear your getting out and over that nasty flu.  I had my little temper tantrum last week with the rain and though my luck hasn't changed (losing another day tomorrow due to a sudden needed house repair) look forward to getting out Sunday, and still not giving up on a better 2nd half.  One bright spot for me is Colorado/Utah are finally shaping up for our trip in March.  If things keep going up in Lincoln a second trip up after the western trip is not out of the question so if you keep this thread going and updated, know it will be appreciated.


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ.  

  • The Sarcasm is entertaining. The slopes will survive, looks like a blocking pattern setting up by the 3-5th of March which should give us a Bull March. Fingers crossed. The next 9 days looks like on and off blowtorch.
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