Cannon 2/17/2018

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We had quite the crew at Cannon today, with a solid group of 13. Some demographics:

- Ages: Teens x4, 20s x4, 30s x1, 40s x2, 50s x2

- Gender: M x10, F x3

- Gear: Skis x4, snowboard x9

Coverage: very good across all trails and woods. Unfortunately too firm to get off of the groomers.

Range of opinions about conditions:. “it's not that great” to “it's not that bad” to “it’s pretty good”

Early morning conditions: 15-18 degrees. Clear and sunny. No wind. Well groomed everywhere. Very fast! Fun to carve the wide open groomers.

Late morning conditions: low 20s. Clear and sunny. Conditions starting to soften. Still dominated by grooming, but some looser snow available on the edges.

Afternoon conditions: low 20s. Thin overcast. Conditions firmed up with lack of sun. Hard pack, ice showing through. Increasingly sketchy.

Overall a fun, fast day. Good company made it a longer day than I would have stuck with if I were solo. Grill, beer, etc were at least as good as the skiing.

New snow could quickly change it from OK to Great! Loss of snow could quickly change it from OK to awful.

Looking at 2-4” by tomorrow morning that could be a nice game changer.


  • Sounds like a great day with much diversification! Love the demographic details and fun had by all.
    Thanks Cannonball for the report and my usual request of a sun filled notch and vista and tram pics would be icing on the cake plus 2-4".
    Loved my one and only day skiing at Cannon and the museum and Labor Day tram ride.
  • Sorry Cisco, did not take any pics today. I should have because there were phenomenal views. Stowe was looking great off in the distance! I promise to remember to pull out the camera tomorrow.
  • Looking forward to some fresh snow shots, same group gathering?
  • I concur with your conditions this morning!!!!!
  • Yes good report
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