Wachusett Mountain 2/27/2018

hrstrat57hrstrat57 intermediate
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Ski’d Wa this AM

Got out early.

It was crazy good, go get some while u can!


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    Shortest trip report ever? ;))
    - Sam
  • hrstrat57hrstrat57 intermediate
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    Ha ha

    It’s WA....more public service announcement vs. TR

    Hero snow, brought Solly twin tips shoulda brought Racetigers

  • CannonballCannonball advanced
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    So.....reading between the lines...  "While you can" means what we all think it means right?   Not much left and going fast?
  • hrstrat57hrstrat57 intermediate
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    Nope edge to edge and deep. I was shocked at how good it was. There are not a lot of whales left though the snow inventories appear to have been knocked down and groomed out.

    Crazy good hero snow this morning!

    Get some tomorrow or Thursday AM is what I’m suggesting.

    I think night skiing tonight and Wednesday should be sweet as well. Look mom and Challenger continue to be the pick of the hill and have been all season.

  • CannonballCannonball advanced
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    Great to know! Thanks for the first-hand reporting. 
  • skelley19skelley19 novice
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    Just got back myself from a "board meeting" aka quick afternoon session.  I can confirm the above, great hero snow and ZERO lift lines.  Snow is fading in spots but should still be ok for a few more weeks I think.  Especially if they turn on the guns one or two more times if we gets some cold nights. 
  • hrstrat57hrstrat57 intermediate
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    Skelley I am not super optimistic they’ll be any more snow making. Hope you’re right!

    They got a big air event 3/7 I believe and I fear any remaining snowmaking will concentrate on prepping for that.

    Whilst I wish the Crowley’s would spend more money to support us season pass holders there is no more money in it for them to make us happy.

    Very few day tickets out there today it was pretty much my regular crew of Wa buds....

    Kinda why I suggested folks get some in the couple days or nights.

    I’ll be back Thursday unless the neighbors drag me out on the golf course.....

  • Bill29Bill29 advanced
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    Drove up there Monday. A fairly large bare spot on lower Monadnock but everything else looked well covered and other skiers I talked to said what hrstrat57 said. The Ralph Crowley race is on this weekend, I think,
  • hrstrat57hrstrat57 intermediate
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    Took 6 real good runs on my Explosivs today and bailed.

    Mashed potato city and the minion were arriving

    C ya out! Real life stuff to do!
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