Western NY trip report: Day 2 Greek Peak 02/04/18

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Super Bowl Sunday!!!  Always a great day for skiing!!!  Even better, it free for all of us (borrowed a WNEP card from a friend).

Woke up to a good inch in Binghamton, I think there was about 3 by the time we got to Greek.  Crowds were minimal and the skiing was great, kept getting better all day.  Was probably at about 6 inches by the time we left.  Nice place, we managed to ski the whole mountain, a few trails were closed, so we were able to ski all the blacks and blues that were open.  Cut out a little before 3 to ride the coaster and go to the water park.  They have a Sunday night coaster and water park special.  Girls could ride the coaster for free but we had to pay to get them in the water park, the nerve!!!  Coaster was good time, much taller than I expected.  Water park was deserted, at one point we were the only people in there.  Luckily a group of about 10 showed up and it felt less weird.  By the time we got out the snow had really piled up, not great for the drive up to Geneva, but no way I'm complaining about snow on a ski trip.

Wife name is Kristie, thus the pick by the Christy trail.  Only took a few pics that day, I get better as the trip moves along though.
2125 x 1196 - 788K
1681 x 2988 - 878K


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    2nd pic is Bristol

    Glad you had a great time. It's my understanding Greek blew a lot more snow than normal this year.
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    Ooops, I guess you know where day 3 is.

    Okay, added 2nd Greek Peek pic and removed the Bristol.  Thanks for the help.
  • Boy there ain't nobody on thatHall double and only a few on the entire trail!

    Seems almost surreal, fresh powder every day, no one there, place to yourselves, almost free skiing, wow!
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