Western NY trip report: Day 3 Bristol 02/05/18

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Was looking forward to Bristol, little it's taller than the rest.  Turned out to be another great day, lots of sun, which was rare for this trip.  There was a good 6 inches of fresh around.  The new Galaxy HSQ was closed since it was a weekday, the trails that lead down to it were extra nice.  By now the girls had gotten into the "lets ski every run" spirit.  Probably wouldn't have venture to the bottom of Galaxy so many time if they hadn't.  Had to tow them both out, but at least I got some good exercise.  The girls were very excited to ride the Comet HSQ since I had just picked up a Comet pinball machine the day before the trip (needs work, going to fix it up real nice).  Came a across a nice rock with a smiley face on it.  Always love it when places have silly things like that.  We always have to stop by the Jack Frost frog rock for a few picks when we go there.  Anyway, it was nice that all the trails were open, I think we only missed out on 2 beginner trails.  Once the girls get a little faster we won't have those problems!!!

The Comets...

1494 x 2656 - 898K
1992 x 1121 - 715K
1594 x 897 - 854K
1046 x 1860 - 684K


  • Wow you hit the powder jackpot week!
    Nice shot of your daughter making first tracks!

    Precious memories they will never forget. Too bad mom couldn't make it , give you credit for taking them by yourself. Wife doesn't trust me overnight
  • hey that's fantastic, thanks for the report and wonderful photos

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