Western NY trip report: Day 4 Swain 02/06/18

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Got to sleep in a bit on the Swain day, they don't open until one on most weekdays.  Fun little place with a funky double quad, first one I've seen like that.  Looks like it also happens to the the headline pic on unofficialnetworks today, article is about the cost of low snowfall winters.  Luckily they had plenty of snow for us.  Only planned on staying until about 4, but we were having a good time, so stayed closer to 5.  I think we managed to hit every trail.  Place was nice during the day, a few buses showed up after school hours and that made for a better crowd.  Nice price for us too, $10 Tuesday for me since I work at a school district, and once again free for the girls.  I did have the WNEP card, but needed to buy a ticket so that the girls could get theirs for free.  

Also came across an old Newark City Subway car sitting in a field.  Used to ride those in college before they finally upgraded.  Never know what you'll come across in the middle of nowhere.
1793 x 1009 - 955K
2125 x 1196 - 759K
1992 x 1121 - 877K


  • Girls smiling, centerpole quad, place to yourself, what more could you want?

    What brand(s)? , can't make clear that there are 2 cpq's Borvig? Wooden slat seats?
  • I used to patrol here.  They actually have 3 centerpole quads brought to you by Borvig.  The double quad where one goes about a 1/3 up the slope and the other continues to the top and a single centerpole quad a little further to the left.  They also have a double chair.

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    From what I remember of discussion here center pole Borvig's are very rare. Can someone confirm
    Any other closer pics of the center pole Borvigs Jay?
  • Two at Ober Gatlinburg and one at Liberty and one at Tussey in the Banana Belt.
  • No more pics of that lift, sorry, only took a couple pics all fro the same spot and they're basically the same.  I'm very lazy when it comes to picture taking.  Took some in Quebec last year and was considering doing a trip report, then the skiing got good and I stopped taking the phone out.  :-)
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